Is Green Coffee Bean Max The Ultimate Weight Loss Supplement?

Green Coffee Bean Max – Is There Truth Behind The Hype?

Hi, I’m Deanna, and I have been struggling with my weight for most of my adult life. If you have also encountered much frustration and disappointment from trying to lose weight and, like me, you are always failing, then you need to read my story. This is how I finally managed to shed a lot of weight and how you can too, so read on if you are sick and tired of being called a ‘fatty’ and would like to get your dream body.

This year did not start well for me and my diet plans. Having gained a lot of weight and getting depressed after yet another failed weight loss program I was watching the Dr Oz show on TV and heard him raving about a revolutionary new weight loss product called Green Coffee Bean Max (or GCB Max). My first thought was ‘Yeah right!’ even though the good doctor has a great reputation. Having heard such stories before and tried many bad diet products in the past that promised everything and delivered nothing, I was sceptical to say the least. But here’s what I found…

Why green coffee beans for weight loss?

Coffee has long been believed to be effective at helping people lose weight. Its best known ingredient, caffeine, is a stimulant that has been incorporated into a wide variety of weight loss products over the years. However, there are many people examining the benefits of an extract from a very specific coffee bean, green coffee bean, which looks like it could be a significant breakthrough in obesity research.

green coffee bean maxThe product is prepared in a manner that makes it a much more effective weight loss product than coffee. When coffee beans are roasted, their temperature climbs above 475 F and 90% of the chlorogenic acid in the beans is destroyed. But the green coffee bean extract that is prepared from the green coffee beans by not roasting them at all, is the key ingredient that many physicians believe is the force behind it’s powerful weight loss effects.

How does Green Coffee Bean Maxx work?

Green coffee bean extract consists of two extracts which make up the Green Coffee Bean Max ingredients and both are taken from the natural coffee beans in their unroasted state. The two extracts are also potent antioxidants (they protect your body against cancer). But it’s the high level of chlorogenic acid they contain that is apparently the secret to the success of this amazing weight loss supplement. This is what stops your body from storing unnecessary fat and secondly, it will stop you from craving sugary foods.

Weight loss experts have been telling us for years that any good weight loss program pure green coffee bean capsules must include the burning of calories as well as reducing the calories taken in by your body in the form of food. And experiments have apparently shown that this product achieves both of these goals. The chlorogenic acid will boost the ability of the liver to metabolize (burn) fats while at the same time preventing and reducing excess storage of fat. So existing fat is being consumed (burnt) whilst less fat is being produced at the same time.

So how do you benefit from this? It’s simple really: if you want to lose weight the Green Coffee Bean Max Dr Oz way the company says that you will experience the identical results as if you were exercising and dieting – but without actually doing either! Even more importantly, they also claim that harmful cravings which always lead to weight gain in the future are drastically reduced.

How cool is that!? But is it really true? And is there any proof online that Green Coffee Bean Max really works? Well, who better to ask than the folks out there who have already used this product. Let’s see what the results have been and whether it’s really worthwhile spending any money on the extract from these pure green coffee bean capsules…


Well, it seems as if there really is something behind all the hype about this product and that it’s certainly worth checking out. After all, if other folks are having great success with it then the chances are that you might also shed some pounds and start feeling better about yourself. So I guess you have nothing to lose by trying it out and in 3 to 6 months time you might be a slimmer, happier and more beautiful person both inside and out.

If you are looking to lose weight, but are not ready to start an intense diet and exercise program, this product just might be what the doctor ordered.  While diet and exercise can definitely help, clinical trials have shown that people taking the active ingredient can experience significant weight loss just by taking the supplement alone.

For those who want to accelerate their weight loss by making some changes to their lifestyle, the green coffee bean extract can be taken while you continue with your exercise program and this can double your weight loss results.  If you have struggled for years to lose weight like many folks, then Green Coffee Bean Max could be the solution that you have been waiting for.

Green Coffee Bean Max recommended by The Doctors


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Where can I buy green coffee bean extract?

Since the ingredient in this product, chlorogenic acid, is a generic, you can buy the active ingredient from many different manufacturers. But be aware that there are many scams online and you don’t really know whether you are getting the real thing or not. On further investigation I discovered that the safest place to buy this product is from the official Green Coffee Bean Max (GCB Max) website.  There you can purchase a quality product that contains high levels of chlorogenic acid. Each capsule is dosed at a 800 mg concentration which was the concentration that showed statistically the most significant beneficial activity in the best clinical trial that was conducted by Dr. Joseph Vinson and published in the Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome Obesity Journal.

This product has produced many satisfied customers who have used the product to win their battle with obesity. The official manufacturer also includes several limited time special offers where you will receive 1 or 2 free bottles of the product if you purchase a 3 month or 5 month supply. This reduces the price of the product to a level that one will not find if buying from another company. For optimum results the product should be used for 3 to 6 months which is tailored to help you achieve your best weight loss goal results. You can also request same day delivery directly to your door so no need to wait for your order – you could start shedding pounds tomorrow already.


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