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Posted on 23rd May 2013 in Dr Oz And Green Coffee Bean

What Is The Dr Oz Green Coffee Bean Project?

If you are a fan of Dr. Oz and his show that presents many health-related ideas, you have more than likely heard of the Dr Oz Green Coffee Bean Project. Green bean coffee is now a very popular supplement due to its promotion on the show, and has been shown to have many weight-loss benefits attributed to the regular consumption of this product. Dr Oz does not simply present ideas or concepts that might work – he actually tries to present viable and empirical evidence that supports the products that he represents to show that they really do work.

In this article, we will discuss the Doctor Oz green coffee bean extract, as discussed on his show, in relation to green bean coffee and why it may be one of the best weight-loss supplements you can consume if shedding those extra pounds is something you are trying to achieve. Let’s investigate further…

What Is Green Bean Coffee?

If you are a regular coffee drinker, then you are probably a fan of many different types of coffee beverages on the market today. Coffee is very popular, with millions of people having their “cup of Joe” every morning either brewed at home or made for them courtesy of Starbucks or one of their favorite coffee houses. The primary reason that people drink coffee has to do with the caffeine in the beverage itself. Obviously, there are many different flavors, and you can drink it hot or cold, but sometimes having too much caffeine is not a good thing. This is where green bean coffee comes in. It is not actually coffee that you brew in the morning, but a supplement that can help you lose weight.

natural green coffee beansWhen green bean coffee extract supplements are made, the amount of caffeine in the final product itself is far less than what you will get with a normal cup of coffee. Many people understand that high consumptions of coffee can lead to insomnia, and a variety of other clinical problems including depression. But when you take green bean coffee supplements, like the one made from the Dr Oz green coffee beans, in the prescribed dosages, it can actually have many more positive effects than drinking coffee, one of which leads to healthy weight loss.

Why Green Coffee Bean Supplements Can Help You Lose Weight

Coffee possesses natural antioxidants that are beneficial for preventing premature aging and a variety of other positive components. However, during the brewing process, a lot of the benefits associated with the coffee beans are actually broken down, rendering most of the potential benefits inert as a result of this process. When green bean coffee is created, pharmacologists are able to extract a very specific ingredient, chlorogenic acid, from the beans. It is this ingredient that helps people begin to lose the excess weight.

Although found in many other natural forms such as sunflower leaves, green beans possess a high concentration of this ingredient, and due to the way scientists extract this component from the beans, they have been able to make a dietary supplement that helps people shed the extra pounds very easily when taken in the prescribed dosages based upon the clinical studies that we are about to discuss as presented on the Dr Oz green coffee bean show.

The chlorogenic acid component can only be extracted from unroasted green coffee beans when they are still in their pure natural form. This extract is virtually caffeine free but contains high concentrations of chlorogenic acid. The extract is then incorporated into 800mg capsules which are taken 2 times daily with water half an hour before a meal. But does this really work and can the results be trusted? An online investigation of folks who have used this product shows that you can lose an average of 1 to 2 pounds a week of excess body fat from the first week onwards. Here is what some users had to say….

testimonials The results speak for themselves and for more evidence please watch the Dr Oz show video to the right of this article (click on it). Even more astounding is that these results were achieved by the users without doing any exercise or restricting their diet in any way. This means that the rate of weight loss can be accelarated if you take the supplement while following a sensible diet and exercise plan at the same time.

Dr Oz And Green Coffee Bean Results

When Dr. Oz decided to discuss the benefits of green bean coffee, he referenced a study that was published in “Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity” (which can be found on the Dove Press website) that showed how a placebo-controlled double-blind study that randomized the green bean coffee extract distribution showed conclusively that the green bean extract was actually helping people that were overweight lose excess body fat as a result of consuming the supplement.

green coffee bean max research

 As a result of taking the extract regularly, in a matter of two weeks, the women that were tested lost an average of 2 pounds, opposed to a 1 pound weight loss with those that were given the placebo instead. Thus, the positive results as presented on the Dr. Oz Show by Dr. Caroline Apovian, and also by the dietitian Kristin Kirkpatrick, propelled the popularity of the green coffee beans Dr Oz extract to become a phenomenally popular mainstream weight-loss supplement.

In conclusion, the Dr. Oz show has been responsible for many beneficial products going mainstream that would otherwise not have been known about. Due to the Dr Oz green coffee bean show, the benefits of the raw unroasted coffee seeds, or green coffee beans, are now known nationwide as one of the best and most reliable ways for people to lose weight as a result of the natural weight-loss effects provided by chlorogenic acid in the beans themselves. If you are thinking about dieting, and would like to try a reliable and safe supplement to help you reach your dietary goals, taking a regular twice daily 800mg dose of pure green coffee bean Dr Oz extract may be exactly what you are looking for.

Where can I buy the Dr Oz Green Coffee Bean Extract?

green coffee bean max pic There are quite a few of these products on the market and it’s important to purchase the right product in it’s natural form with minimal additives. It’s important not to substitute taking this supplement for some cheap imitation product. With the help of the folks at Dr Oz we have managed to investigate that the safest place to buy the best product is at the official Green Coffee Bean Max website. This is where you get the best quality natural coffee bean extract product at the best price and they are running some great specials as well. Your product will be delivered directly to your door and they will also include some amazing bonuses.

The manufacturer also includes several bonuses free with your purchase that one will not find if buying from another company.  These bonuses include a free book disclosing weight loss secrets and another on summer diets.  The best bonus of all is probably a free membership to the company’s online fitness program which is tailored to help accelerate achievement of your weight loss goals. To take advantage of these great deals click on the link below to go to the official website.



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